The use of any public space is cultural conditioned and reflects our culture. The project create a new characteristic espresso bar which is more alive in relation to the public space that it’s a part of, and where the espresso bar and the city scapecan play together. This new Illy consept is meant to make it possible to “micro”move in relation to the imaginable dynamic room and the changing climate. The climate fx has a huge influence on our relationship and the way we use the city’s public space. The intention behind this is the opportunity to put the coffee ritual in connection with an experience of “space”, which will be different from city to city and place to place. This experience of space will strengthen and give the coffee ritual a new dimension. “Il TAVOLO”, is to be including and inviting with is distinctive language, similar to the image of the “typical latin dinner”, la cena, where one gathers around the table and the food. Il TAVOLO gathers the rituals, mysteriousness, sounds and smells, and the table is supposed to “create” a new social character to the drinking or enjoying an espresso.