Installasjon og performance / Kulturisten Scene- og Kunstfestival / 2017

The Acoustic Outdoor Light Studio installation is a investigation of architecture / building materials as musical instruments. The site of the installation is Tangenten Cultural House during the art festival “Kulturisten Scene og Kunstfestival 2017”. The installation consists of seven translucent building elements and light sources. The translucent building elements are placed in two rows with a distance of approximately 60 cm to create a space for resonance between the plates. In this space an architectural instrument is created to be played. There were three musical performance where everyone used the installation as the main instrument. The opening performance was at the composer Bente Leiknes Thorsen. Day two there was musican Kjetil Husebø with electronic processing and day three soloist in Oslo Domkor Merete Holme on song and architect Gisle Nataas on percussion and electronic processing. The installation was opened by culture manager Ellen Knutsen during the official opening of the festival Friday 22.09 in Tangenten Cultural House with 300 audiences present. The installation is a collaboration between architect Gisle Nataas, architect Mats Odin Rustøy, composer Bente Leiknes Thorsen, musician Kjetil Husebø, soloist Merete Holme and photographer Haakon Michael Harriss.


NATAAS/ · Live performance at Kulturisten. Gisle Nataas/Merete Holme